Vondel Marketing offers a complete range of digital advertising services: PPC Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Remarketing / Retargeting. The latest tools and technologies, combined with the detailed study of your customer are brought to you to boost ROI in your digital campaigns.

Vondel Marketing offers a complete range of digital advertising services: PPC Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Remarketing / Retargeting. The latest tools and technologies, combined with the detailed study of your customer are brought to you to boost ROI in your digital campaigns.
PPC Marketing
An ad placement through the Real-Time Bidding (RTB) marketplaces allows displaying advertisements to the potential customer just at the right time. The programmatic buying via RTB with targeting, tracking and reporting features is one of most efficient digital marketing tools.
Paid search Advertising
We apply our best practice knowledge for professional Google AdWords and Yandex.Direct management services. Pay per click advertising is managed by a team of certified professionals with years of experience.
Gmail Ads
Flexibility is what makes Gmail advertisements particularly impressive. They can be targeted by a variety of parameters, customized to have different formats, and automatically optimized for different devices. Advanced tracking and reporting can be suited to your particular needs.
Remarketing / Retargeting
We help you to re-engage the users who already visited your site but didn't convert into customers. Retargeting is an efficient way of reaching highly targeted audiences who already have interest in your product or service.
Native Ads
Your advertisements will appear as content recommendations across the network of top-tier news publishers helping you reach new audiences and drive traffic to your website.
Display Advertising
We provide cost-effective Google Display Network (including Google AdSence and DoubleClick Ad Exchange), Yandex Advertising Network, and other CPC advertising networks management. We also provide effective use of YouTube advertising, which, with over 1 billion users, is a powerful marketing channel offering various ad formats, sophisticated targeting and reporting features.
Social Media Marketing
Instagram advertising
We use Instagram ads to help you reach the business objectives—from increasing your brand awareness to driving attention to your products or services and converting prospects into sales.
Facebook advertising
We help you get started, gain results, and grow fast with the carefully planned and creative Facebook ad campaigns. Alongside with the traditional Facebook advertisements, we use the innovative approaches, such as ReviewAds. The automated ads with positive reviews of your products or services are gathered from various sources and displayed on Facebook. ReviewAds partners with Testseek and already has millions of reviews in their database. Using Facebook, retargeting, and ReviewAds is a powerful social media marketing strategy to grow your CTR and decrease CPA.
MyTarget ads
This advertising platform serves as a one-stop shop for placing ads on the social media web-sites and services in the Russian-speaking internet. It reaches over 140 million users in Russia and CIS and is the largest mobile traffic source.
VK.com advertising
VK.com is very popular among the Russian-speaking users. It covers more users in Russia than Facebook does and offers great opportunities for marketing in the Russian-speaking regions.
Here are the benefits of working with us.
Premier Google Partner
We constantly demonstrate AdWords expertise, deliver revenue growth, and expand our customer base. We provide the up-to-the-minute industry knowledge and experience, ensuring a high-quality service.
No minimum monthly budget
We are working with each customer individually— you are important to us, whether you have a large, medium, or small budget.
Team of certified experts
We have 24 Google AdWords certificates demonstrating a profound knowledge of Google products. There are 5 Google Analytics, 6 Yandex.Direct, and 5 Yandex.Metrica certified specialists working at our company.
Online payments with PayPal
We make the payment process easy and convenient. If you prefer working through the bank transfer, this option is available as well.
Transparent business processes
We have a well-established strategy for all of the online marketing activities. We are open about our advertising methods and are constantly educating our customers, so that they can see exactly what we are doing.
Multichannel approach
We have a full range of the online advertising services covered. We work with PPC, CPC, display, RTB, social marketing, video, mobile ads, and any other kind of channels and content you can think of.
International reach
We are experienced in working with the Russian-speaking internet segment. If you consider an international expansion of your brand, we can use our knowledge of the Yandex search engine, VKontakte social network, and myTarget social advertising platform to deliver your marketing message to the right audience.

We offer a proven strategy of planning, managing, and optimizing your PPC marketing and Social Media advertising campaigns.
Researching your audience, products or services.
Defining objectives and KPIs and building a comprehensive strategy to promote your products or services.

Establishing your accounts and linking them to the online analytics tools. We set up goals and the UTM parameters in the online analytics tools and make other adjustments to help you track the effect of your campaigns.
Keywords (Paid Search Campaigns)
Finding the niche keywords that will bring the most relevant traffic to your website. Ads Targeting and Personalization (Display Advertising and Social Media Campaigns): keywords, locations, interests, placements, topics, demographic and other factors are indicated to personalize your online campaigns. Retargeting audiences (Remarketing / Retargeting): segmenting the potential customers who are more likely to convert.
Creating advertisements that will attract attention to your company, products/services and testing their efficiency (PPC); developing ad creative specific to the target audiences and testing it (SMM, Remarketing / Retargeting).
Monitoring the efficiency of your campaigns paying close attention to CTR, conversion rates, and other KPIs.
Optimizing your campaign settings, such as costs, negative keywords, and other parameters (PPC); modifying targeting, personalization, and ad copies (Display Ads and SMM); changing audiences (Remarketing / Retargeting).
Monthly Report
A detailed coverage of your campaigns, including site visits, CTRs, CPCs, engagement levels, conversion rates, and other important data.
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